It's come to my attention that there may have been an issue with the jar sealers that I've been using.

If you've got a jar of cream where the top has been dried out when you opened it, please let me know so I can fix that for you.

- - -

Are you a bath lover? If so, you'll want to know that I'm clearing out the Fizzy Bath Salts. The bags are 560g and are priced at $5.00 each. I still have all the flavours available but the list will shrink as supplies dwindle. Grab a bag or two before they're gone.

In better news, I've got a deodarant stick in testing right now. I've been using it for a few days and I'm very impressed with the results. (In other words, not even stinky at the end of the day!) I'll keep you posted on getting this ready for sale.

I've seen robins, so spring is almost here! Fingers crossed.